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Increase SaaS conversions with a persistent call to action

Most SaaS companies generate a majority (if not all) of their leads through their marketing sites, and if the site is well designed there is a single and clear call to action. That call to action (most typically a button but sometimes a form or a video) is extremely important and a lot of attention is typically given to it on the front page, but it is also very important that you have a persistent call to action across your site. I often see marketing sites that have a clear and well designed call to action on their front page, but have no call to action on any of the other pages. By forcing your site’s visitors to return to the front page in order to convert you are putting up an unnecessary roadblock and almost certainly hurting your conversion rate. Below are a couple examples of marketing sites with a well designed and persistent call to action:


A persistent header with a clear call to action. MailChimp Screenshot


Simple sign up form that is in the same place on every page of the site. Kissmetrics Screenshot


Marketo has three call to actions but they are persistent across the site. Marketo Screenshot

If your SaaS site currently only has a call to action on your front page, take a look at your analytics and see what other pages your users most often visit before converting. Then as a simple experiment try putting a call to action on those most frequently visited pages and see how many conversions you get from them. If they are resulting in a significant amount of conversions then you may want to consider a redesign that includes a persistent call to action like one of the examples above.